The Yearbook contains statistical data characterising socio-economic situation of the Commonwealth of Independent States in 1991-1998. It includes information on population, employment, gross domestic product, prices, output of basic industrial and agricultural products, consumer market, consumption of main foodstuffs, money income and expenditure of population, social life, results of external economic activities, international comparisons on the basis of the purchasing power parities of the CIS countries.

Brief methodological explanatory notes are given for some statistical indicators. The source of the information contained in the Yearbook are official data of the CIS national statistical services.

Aggregated and other derived indicators were calculated, as a rule, on the basis of common methodology approved by the Council of the Heads of Statistical Services of the CIS Countries.

Recalculations of a number of cost indicators were done with the usage of average official exchange rates published by the CIS national banks.

Data for 1998 for some indicators are preliminary and can be changed later.

The Yearbook is published in Russian and English.

Commonwealth of Independent States in 1998: Statistical Yearbook/Interstate Statistical Committee of the Commonwealth of Independent States. - M., 1999.