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The Russian Statistical Yearbook is the most comprehensive annual publication of the Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat), reflecting the phenomena and processes occurring in the economic, social and political life of the country.

The book was prepared on the basis of data received by state statistics bodies from enterprises, organizations, population via censuses, sample surveys and other forms of statistical observation, data from ministries and departments of the Russian Federation, as well as materials of international organizations.

This yearbook contains in general the same range of statistical indicators as the previous edition. At the same time, the book has been supplemented by a number of new tables and indicators allowing to increase public awareness of the results of statistical observations. Some of the previously published tables are not presented in this publication.

The yearbook begins with information on the main socio-economic characteristics of the Russian Federation and the state structure of the Russian Federation. It provides information characterizing the geography and climate of the Russian Federation, data on the environment, geological exploration.

Information on the population, employment and welfare is widely presented. Special sections are devoted for description of the main areas of the social sphere. Indicators of tourism development are published in separate section.

Indicators of the system of national accounts, that are presented in the yearbook, characterize the macroeconomic aspects of functioning the Russian economy. One of the sections of the yearbook contains the general description of enterprises and organizations, including financial condition, information on small and individual entrepreneurship.

A considerable part of the yearbook is devoted to indicators that characterize certain types of economic activities - mining and quarrying, manufacturing, electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply, water supply; sewerage, waste management and remediation activities, agriculture, forestry and fishing, construction, transportation, activities of organizations serving population.

Data on the scientific potential of the Russian Federation, the results of research and development, innovation activity and on the implementation and use of information technologies are published. The yearbook contains information on investments, fixed assets, indicators of prices and tariffs, data characterizing the financial system.

One of the sections of yearbook is devoted to foreign economic activities and includes information on foreign trade in goods and services as well as data on foreign trade prices. The final section presents data on international comparisons of Russia with foreign countries, including data on purchasing power parities (PPP).

Data in tables containing indicators by economic activity and by kind of products, starting since 2017, are given in accordance with the Russian Classifications of Economic Activity (OKVED2) OK 029-2014 and of Products by Economic Activity (OKPD2) OK 034-2014 ), implemented in statistical practice since January 1, 2017.

Similar data for the period up to 2016 inclusive, developed in accordance with the previous Russian Classification of Economic Activities (OKVED-2007)OK 029-2007 and the Russian Classification of Products by Economic Activities (OKPD) (CPA 2002) OK 034-2007, were published in the Russian Statistical Yearbook. 2017. The electronic version of which is posted on the official Internet portal of the Federal State Statistics Service in the section Publications.

Each section of the Yearbook contains statistical data on the socio-economic situation of the republics, territories, regions, and cities of federal importance, the autonomous region and autonomous areas for 2018, allowing comparisons and obtaining comprehensive information on the constituent entities of the Russian Federation. More detailed information on these issues is published regularly in Rosstat's annual statistical handbooks: Regions of Russia. Socio-economic indicators. 2019, Regions of Russia. Main characteristics of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation. 2019.

Starting since the results of 2018, Rosstat publishes official statistical information on the Siberian and Far Eastern Federal Districts for most indicators taking into account changes in their composition, introduced by Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of November 3, 2018 632 On Amending the List of Federal Districts, approved by Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of May 13, 2000 849.

Statistical data are given mainly for 2000, 2010, 2016 2018, taking into account the comparability of the indicators.

Some indicators for 2017 were corrected to present more precise data than published earlier, data for 2018 in some cases are preliminary data.

In order to ensure the confidentiality of primary statistical data received from organizations (Clause 5, Article 4, Part 1, Article 9 of Federal Law 282-FZ of November 29, 2007 On Official Statistical Accounting and State Statistics System in the Russian Federation), data on the production of certain types of products that indirectly disclose the single producers of products in a constituent entity of the Russian Federation are not published in the handbook.

The yearbook is published with an appendix containing information on socio-economic indicators for Russia as a whole over the years (1991 2018). and historical time series. The electronic version of the collection and its applications are available on the official website of Rosstat (www.gks.ru) under the heading Publications.

Since 2017, the yearbook is published in the new edition, which presents statistics simultaneously in two languages (Russian and English).

More detailed information on specific features of the socio-economic development of Russia is published by Rosstat in other official statistical publications listed at the end of this yearbook.

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