Access to the UIS RUSSIA is free for educational and research community. User registration nevertheless is required. Currently over three hundred universities, graduate schools, colleges and other higher education institutions, public libraries from all over Russian Federation are registered as collective subscribers. They have full unlimited access over the Internet and these subscriptions can be shared within organizations.

More than two thousand educators from universities and schools, specialists from various research institutions, Russian Academy of Sciences, employees of government agencies and elected officials from local administrations have also subscribed as individual users.

The UIS RUSSIA resources are available and can be used only and exclusively for educational and research purposes!

While free access to the system without registration is also possible, the scope of information and services are limited.

How to subscribe

In order to register as a collective subsriber, a head of organization (university rector, dean of a faculty, public library director, etc.) must submit an official letter of application requesting access to the UIS RUSSIA. It must explicitly state exclusive non-commercial use of resources and include the name of a designated contact person responsible for accessing UIS RUSSIA. Upon receiving of the application our representative will contacts this designated person to set up the access credentials and resolve any possible technical matters (validation of IP-addresses, etc.) A designated contact person provides for registration forms for individual access to her/his institution’s educators, researchers, post-graduate students and students.

An individual access to specialists from various research institutions, Russian Academy of Sciences, employees of government agencies and elected officials from local administrations is provided upon submitting a registration form sent to the A registration form is provided upon request. The webmaster will then respond with a user login (usually an email address) and an randomly generated password.

Under the terms of application each individual subscriber or designated contact assumes full responsibility to comply with the following rules:

Privacy policy

Subscription application may contain some personal data and user affiliation. This information is required to assure that an applicant meets basic requirements predefined by the non-commercial status of the UIS RUSSIA and its primary purpose as collective electronic resource for education and social studies. The System integrates information from over a hundred holdings. It is provided for free by original owners under explicit conditions of non-commercial use only.

The following is required — first and last name, patronymic, institutional affiliation and position, email. Each user must provide this information either directly or via representative designated by his/her organization granting the UIS RUSSIA manager permission to check and validate it.

We also keep the log of resources accessed by the user, time and length of access, queries submitted and use of visualization, analytical and statistical tools. In accordance with the Federal Law on Personal data N 152-FZ of July 27, 2006 all collected personal information represents a special category of data and will not be disseminated, published or provided to any third party(is) except when otherwise specified by the federal laws.

We reserve the right to use this information for internal analysis. This will help us to:
All of the above is based on aggregate data and does not reveal any personal information of individual users.

Designated representative must also agree that his/her first and last name, patronymic, institutional affiliation and position will be disclosed in a list of designated representatives on the UIS RUSSIA website.